Helping you save work and stress with a More Cohesive and Collaborative team.

The StrengthsFinder® movement is driving greater Engagement, Productivity and Profitability. Cultures that shift to a Strengths Focus find that

  • Staff Engagement increases by 6 times,
  • Productivity increases by 12.5%, and
  • Profitability increases by 8.9%.

These are averages according to data collected from over 500 million respondents to Gallup Engagement surveys.


Gallup reveals, people who actively use their strengths are more likely to:

Achieve more goals
Inspire those they lead
Be creative and innovative
Bring new ideas into the team or company
Be less worried. stressed. angry and sad
Have less absenteeism



Video Testmonials

Team Building
The group are inspired and together, clear on their plan for growth.

Managing Diversity
This supervisor became confident leading people of diverse cultures

A whole new perspective. Liberated, excited and creative in leadership

Collaboration facilitation
A collaboration of engineers, planners, managers and operators with a shared purpose.

Engineering Empathy
Sales of 110% and 135% of manufacturers targets in a flat market.

Developing Leadership
A cohesive team of strong individuals, embracing responsibility and agreements

Defining Strategy
Clear and excited after becoming trapped by people problems

Work/Life Balance
Peace of mind in handing over to a son with a clear understanding of my new role